Export Consulting


Our fields of expertise can be organised under 6 key headings:

  • tactics for breaking into or expanding presence in markets
  • competitive positioning in the market
  • development of new products or technological innovations
  • product image
  • qualitative analysis
  • analysis of brand perceptions and clients

We specialise in the" business to business" for durable and semi-durable products.

In this context our fundamental approach centers on consultation and management of change and development.

We also assist you in the transition from strategies to the critical phases of implementation and operative action.

Evaluation, planning, management and motivation of your commercial structure.

Management of distribution channels and analysis of the judicial and economic implications relative to representatives' contracts.

  • commercial marketing
  • analysis of the marketing mix
  • coaching of the sales force

The sales force operates on a daily basis in an intensely competitive environment. Products, services and prices are in continuous flux. Therefore, competence, professionality and motivation are decisive elements in success.

Our interventions may differ according to your own changing needs, but the basic objective is always the same: to reinforce and develop your commercial activities and the efficiency of distribution.

Finally, in order to better judge ultimate results, we operate using a system of benchmarks, according to region, warehouse, population, or other factors.

We organise and implement marketing research, product development, impact studies and analysis of customer satisfaction.

We implement in-depth studies of your firm's marketing sector, including its organisation and effectiveness. This may include:

  • positioning of your firm (business intelligence)
  • coaching and support of your marketing staff, from the first stages of the product plan
  • custom-designed advertising and promotional programs
  • brochures, merchandising, trade newsletters and web site creation

In a universe where every hesitation in the decision-making process, or errors in evaluation of the market, could cause serious consequences, our research and analysis capabilities provide you with the security you need to be competitive.

Research gives you a "photograph" of the situation in your sector. Our experience permits us to take this "photograph", interpret it and transform the data into operational strategies based on proven-effective methods.

Client satisfaction analysis

Client satisfaction is fundamental for your operation. Our analysis is continual, so that you s know both the strong points (to place a higher value on them in your ongoing strategies) and the weak points (to rapidly improve performance).

Market research

Market research is fundamental and permits us to work with you for necessary restructuring of your strategies and for definition of clear objectives on such important themes as:

  • corporate image
  • product and brand image
  • product effectiveness
  • market position
  • the "context" of the market (socio-economic, competitive, etc.)

The market research is, in effect, an "X-RAY" of your firm. It enables us to view your siltuation with a global vision of the market, so that we can better see :

  • threats and opportunities
  • clear diagnoses of projects to be implemented
  • complete plans concerning both the attractiveness of a project as well as its feasibility
  • strategies which include the methods of intervention and the time required for its implementation
  • With these procedures, each successive step of our collaboration is clearly explained to you, and you can, therefore, evaluate the project, future decisions to make, and changes necessary in your firm.


These comparative studies (benchmarking) permit us to highlight the strongest points of your firm and clearly see those areas where improvement is possible. These studies also allow us to clarify the best method to intervene in each case. These studies can be applied in various contexts: the corporation, distribution networks, products, etc. Benchmarking allows to establish useful parameters for all.