Export Consulting


At all levels of the corporate structure

Sales and negotiation techniques, merchandising, promotion, sales force management, analysis of the commercial situation, etc. are implemented so that senior managers are involved in every part of the process. This insures understanding and support of the organisational changes which may be necessary to achieve your goals.

We work to furnish the following concrete factors to your enterprise:

  • measure and analyse methods and results of the commercial/sales structure
  • organise the business plan in order to give a clean sense to each step in this plan and to reinforce motivation at all levels.
  • use this multidisciplinary system, adapted to your specific needs and objectives, to insure the necessary competence in its implementation, and support by a well-trained and motivated sales force.

With this in mind, we:

  • clarify all aspects of the sales contract, a key element in the "business to business" universe and in the sector of durable and semi-durable goods.
  • do a critical analysis of the relationship between your enterprise and clients
  • finalise the most appropriate strategy for negotiation
  • empower the sales force to deal with high added-value products

The success of marketing and distribution depends to a large degree on the objectives and conditions established at the beginning of our interventions.
Therefore, all members of the team must be aware of the reasons for any changes in the firm's direction or methods. Important elements which demand immediate and co-operative action might include:

  • establishment of a new commercial direction or policy
  • new product introduction
  • rapid evolution of the client base or the competition